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The ordering process consists of 5 steps.

  1. You select the dates and pick-up / drop-off points.
  2. As soon as you set the dates and the pick-up/drop-off points, a new page showing the cars available for the selected period, as well as the cost of the rental will open. Note that all rentals are calculated on a 24-hour basis. However, you are allowed to return the car up to 1 hour later without being charged for an additional day. More than 1-hour delay counts as an additional day.
  3. Choose from the options available.
  4. Fill the appropriate fields with detailed - personal data.
  5. In order to receive a confirmation page for your reservation, you must accept the booking Terms and Conditions and provide us with all the necessary personal data. This page is Secured (you may check the security certificate) and all data is encrypted. The down-payment appears in this page.


As soon as we receive your reservation, KOSMOS SANTORINI will accept it or not depending on the availability.  Normally accepted via our online booking system. This is the reason why making your reservation some time in advance is important, especially during the peak season of July-August. In order a reservation to take effect, a down-payment is required. These payments will be RESERVED in your account until the final confirmation of the booking.

In case a booking is not confirmed for any reason, KOSMOS SANTORINI Company does NOT have the obligation to reserve a car if the advance payment is not completed.

In case the booking is confirmed, the down-payment will be deducted from your account by KOSMOS SANTORINI respectively, so make sure that the amount for the down-payment is available in your account.

An automatic confirmation email for the reservation with details on the delivery of the car will be sent to you via e-mail, so make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct.

In case KOSMOS SANTORINI cannot confirm your order for any reason a cancellation e-mail will be sent to you with suggestions on changing your order; no payments will be captured from your account.

It is essential that you provide a correct e-mail address and mobile phone number, as the voucher contains important information on the delivery of the rental car at your destination.

Delivery instructions and telephone numbers will be written on your voucher. No refund is made due to unreceived or unread voucher.




In case the booking is confirmed, the down-payment will be deducted from your account by KOSMOS SANTORINI respectively. The final confirmation/voucher for the reservation will be sent via e-mail, so make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct and the amount for the down-payment is available in your account.

The balance has to be paid upon delivery of the car either by Credit Card in the name of the driver or in cash. A major Credit Card is required for guarantee reasons.

Our online booking system accepts payments in advance via PayPal (account or Credit Card Visa & MasterCard), Credit Card (off-line process) and Bank wire transfer. In this case you should send us by email your Bank’s receipt for direct confirmation of the rental reservation.



  • Delivery information

While making your reservation, it is essential that you provide some important information:

  • For Santorini Airport pick-ups, the name of the Airline, the flight number and arrival time, before the rental start date is required.
  • For Santorini Port (Athinios) pick-ups, the name of the Ferry/Vessel and arrival time is required.
  • For Hotel delivery, the name of the hotel and -if available- the telephone number and address of the hotel, too, are required.

If this information is not available at the time of booking, you have to inform KOSMOS SANTORINI about these details at least 3 days before the rental start date either online or by phone at the number appearing on your voucher. If this information is not provided in time; KOSMOS SANTORINI cannot accept responsibility or compensation for a failed rental.



  • Out of hour charges

The possibility of getting a car OUT of normal working hours (20:30 to 08:00) exists in most locations; however, an additional charge of 25,00€ (incl. VAT) for “out of working hours” service may apply.

During the booking procedure, you will be able to see the details.  In case the car pick-up to falls outside normal working hours due to a flight/ ferry delay or for any other reason, the additional fee is charged locally, where the “out of working hours” service is available.



  • Pick-up/delivery of the Rental Car

The details on the delivery of the rental car, as well as contact information of the company confirming your booking are included in your voucher.

In case of delivery at an Airport/Port, a representative from the car rental company will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name/car rental company name or with shuttle service to the nearest car rental station.

In case of pick-up at a hotel, there are two possibilities; either the car will be delivered there, or a shuttle service will bring you to the nearest rental station. An additional charge may apply for delivery and collection; you’ll be informed on booking if applicable.

In case you have any problems finding KOSMOS SANTORINI, you have to call at the number/s at the bottom of the voucher (reservation notification email).



  • Drop off/Return of the Rental Car

Will be as written on your voucher and the exact information regarding the drop off you will get when you pick up the car.

In case you wish to change the drop off details, provided that these changes are made acceptable by KOSMOS SANTORINI, there may be an extra charge.



  • Driver’s age

The driver’s minimum age is 21 years old, and the maximum is normally 70 years old. For specific Car Types the minimum age is 23 years old with 1 year of driving licence. The age limits appear on the page with the available cars for your selected destination.



  • Driver’s License

Drivers are required to produce a full driving license held for at least one year. Additionally, a valid passport or ID card has to be presented at the pick-up of the vehicle.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has the appropriate driving license; no refund is given for rentals rejected due to non-show of a valid driving license. Facsimiles/photocopies or pictures of driving licenses are not acceptable.



  • Period of rental

Rental days are calculated on a 24-hour basis, starting at the time shown on the voucher. KOSMOS SANTORINI allows up to 1-hour delay in the time of returning the vehicle without counting an extra day.

The one-hour grace period is valid only at the time of booking. Changes made in the time of return after the rental start should be handled by the car rental company.

In case of a flight delayed etc., KOSMOS SANTORINI allows a change in the time of delivery of up to 1 hour, meaning that your rental period starts counting 1 hour later than on the reservation. There will be no extra charge for this except in the case the “out of working hour” charge applies.



  • Modifications

In order to make a modification, you have to cancel your initial booking in order to make a new one. If the modification is made at least 7 days prior to delivery, the down-payment is refunded.

It depends on KOSMOS SANTORINI if any refund can be made for any unused days.



  • Cancellation of confirmed orders

All cancellations are made through the corresponding link into reservation email. Normally we do not accept cancellations by phone. For cancellations made at least 72 hours (3 full days) prior to the rental period start, the whole amount of your down payment is returned and there will be no additional costs.

For cancellations made 72 hours (3 full days) or less prior to the rental period start, the down payment is NOT refunded. Cancellations/Modifications after the starting of the rental period are handled by KOSMOS SANTORINI at your destination. No refund is made for no-shows at the destination, failure to produce the appropriate documentation, early returns or cancellations after the rental start date. Normally no refund is made for any unused days. However, it depends on KOSMOS SANTORINI to make any refund in case of unused days.



  • Rental documents

The car rental voucher (reservation notification email) should be presented at the pick-up point.

KOSMOS SANTORINI is not liable for rentals rejected in case a voucher is not presented. Please keep the rental documents and all related receipts for a minimum of 28 days after returning the car.

The car rental agreement is written in Greek and in English language.



  • Car type / suitability

Although KOSMOS SANTORINI makes every effort in order to reserve a specific type of vehicle, we are unable to guarantee a particular make, model or fuel of car. Reservations are confirmed based on the vehicle category/type/group and not on the car model. The cars named in the webpage are shown suggestively for the size and the performance of each vehicle category. KOSMOS SANTORINI reserves the right of providing a vehicle of higher category/type/group in case the vehicle category booked is not available.



  • Fuel

Fuel is NOT included in the rates. Cars should be returned with the same fuel level as the one when the car was delivered. Same (delivery) to same (collection) fuel level.



  • Number of passengers

Please check the car specifications as KOSMOS SANTORINI cannot accept responsibility in case the vehicle booked is not large enough to fit all passengers and luggage on arrival, resulting to an extra charge for a larger or second vehicle.



  • Provision of cars

KOSMOS SANTORINI Company reserves the right to refuse to provide a car to any customer who is, in their opinion, unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. He also reserves the right of providing a vehicle of higher category in case the vehicle category booked is not available.  In case you are not satisfied in any way with the standard of your booked car, you SHOULD contact KOSMOS SANTORINI Company AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Such situations are to be handled with KOSMOS SANTORINI locally. Failure to do so may result in claims being rejected or unsettled. Aiming at the improvement of our services, we would appreciate any feedback on your experience.



  • Liability

KOSMOS SANTORINI assumes no liability for actual rentals that do not take place due to reasons for which the hirer is responsible. Such reasons are for example:

  • failure to present a driver’s license or presenting a driver’s license which is no longer valid.
  • failure to present a valid passport or identification card.
  • failure to present a valid credit card (debit cards only rarely accepted).
  • non-compliance to the regulations regarding the minimum or maximum age.

The terms and conditions as well as the rental agreement signed on pick-up are governed by local laws and are legally binding on the hirer. All reservations are made by KOSMOS SANTORINI and all coupons and vouchers are issued by KOSMOS SANTORINI.



  • Consequential loss

KOSMOS SANTORINI is not liable for any indirect losses that happen as a side-effect of the main loss or damage, which could not have been foreseen by the client and KOSMOS SANTORINI (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity).



  • Force Majeure

KOSMOS SANTORINI is not liable for either a failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations under this booking agreement in case a performance is delayed, hindered or prevented due to force majeure, meaning any event beyond the reasonable control of KOSMOS SANTORINI such as natural disasters etc.


  • Special requests
  • Child / Baby seats / Boosters: Due to insurance rules you are required to fit the child / baby / booster seat by yourself.
  • Across border rentals: Not allowed.
  • Ferrying the rented Car: If you intend to move the rental vehicle outside Santorini island you should seek permission from KOSMOS RENT A CAR SANTORINI. You should always inform the car rental company before taking a car on a ferry. If the vehicle is ferried without permission from KOSMOS SANTORINI, no insurance coverage is applied for any damages incurred in the vehicle or on 3rd party.
  • Additional drivers: An one (1) additional driver is free of charge.



  • Insurance

The rates include 3rd party insurance, Theft and Fire insurance.


Car Insurance C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver) is optionally available at extra cost as follows:

  • For Car Groups/Types A, B, Β1, C with deductible (excess) the first 800€ at 5,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Types D, E with deductible (excess) the first 1.000€ at 7,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Types L, L1, F with deductible (excess) the first 1.000€ at 7,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Types G, L2 with deductible (excess) the first 1.200€ at 8,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Type H, H1, H2, H3 with deductible (excess) the first 2.500€ at 12,00€ daily


SUPER Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W) insurance is also optionally available, it reduces the above deductible amounts of C.D.W at a premium price and is available as follows:

  • For Car Groups/Types A, B, Β1, C with deductible (excess) the first 400€ at 9,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Types D, E with deductible (excess) the first 500€ at 11,00€ daily.
  • Car Groups/Types L, L1, F with deductible (excess) the first 500€ at 12,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Types G, L2 with deductible (excess) the first 600€ at 14,00€ daily
  • Car Groups/Type H, H1, H2, H3 with deductible (excess) the first 1.500€ at 20,00€ daily


Damage to tires and damages underneath the car as well as mirrors and windshields are not covered by the C.D.W. insurance or the S.C.D.W Insurance.

Deductible (excess) amounts are subject to VAT.


Third party Insurance, covering third person against property damages and body injuries.


Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W ) Insurance or SUPER Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W) means that KOSMOS SANTORINI rented vehicle is insured towards collision damages (material damages) also caused by the renter, but with an excess amount to pay as described in the respective tables above.


No insurance coverage shall apply to:

  • Damages caused to wheels/tires, windscreen, mirrors, windows or the lower part (underbody) of the car.
  • Damages, loss or theft of personal belongings kept in the car.
  • Loss of vehicle keys
  • Any incident inside the car during transport by ship or any other means.
  • Any incident occurred while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Accidents caused when the driver has not been declared in the rental contract.



  • Exceptions to C.D.W and S.C.D.W InsuranceS

Neither S.C.D.W nor C.D.W insurance covers for the following damages:

  • antennas, lights, windshield wipers, loss of registration plates.
  • trays, hubcap, gas cap, wheels, tire punctures, burst tires, fuel errors, lack of electricity because of forgotten turn on electrical devices.
  • car jacks, damage to the car locks, loss or damage of keys or spare key, warning triangles.
  • damage or extreme dirtiness to the exterior or the interior of the car, underside damage, damage to the seats or child/baby seats, theft of car accessories or personal belongings that were in the rented car.


All rental cars are insured for a maximum number of passengers. For your safety, this number should not be exceeded and in case this number is exceeded the insurance will be invalidated. Please make sure the car you book is big enough for your needs. Moreover, KOSMOS SANTORINI shall not compensate the client for any damage caused by negligence. We may consider as negligence any damage unnoticed by the driver. Such damages also have to be paid by the client himself.


Additionally, in any circumstances, Insurance does not cover damages from bad weather conditions such as storms, floods, tornadoes, fallow trees, etc.

KOSMOS SANTORINI shall not pay for any telephones, hotels or taxis used after an accident.



  • Traffic Tickets

All traffic tickets and other consequences are charged to the renter. Customer agrees to pay all charges (plus VAT) for Traffic Violations, no matter when KOSMOS SANTORINI informed for ticket(s).



  • Accident / breakdown / theft

In case of an accident involving your rental car you should contact the nearest Police station immediately to fill an accident report and inform the car rental company. The vehicle should not be removed from the place of the accident. If you do not report the accident to the police in compliance to the Greek law, the insurance may become invalid. The report should state if there was any influence of alcohol or drugs. You should also report any accident or damage to the KOSMOS SANTORINI car rental company.


The above procedure should also be followed in case of other damages to the rental car. In case the rental vehicle is damaged while parked you have to report the damage to the car rental company before you move the car. In case of theft the client is obliged to file a Police report and to hand this document over to the car rental company. You should also inform KOSMOS SANTORINI immediately about any theft. The documentation and keys of the car should be returned to the KOSMOS SANTORINI company. The client should report all damages IMMEDIATELY to the car rental company.  Any accident or damage to the vehicle that has not been reported may be interpreted as negligence, which may result in charging the client.


  • Taxes

All prices and charges listed on the reservation form include VAT and all City and State taxes.




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